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CP Kidz Guest Pre-Registration
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Welcome to CP Kidz! We want your first visit with us to be a fantastic experience. Provide information about your kid (kindergarten - grade 5) below and click "submit". This will allow our CP Kidz volunteers to enter your information into our check-in system before Sunday morning, which speeds up the check-in process for first time guests.

Child's Name
Parent(s) Names(s)
Zip Code
Email Address
Home Phone
Mom's Cell Phone
Dad's Cell Phone
Child's Date of Birth
Child's Grade
Choose Your Campus Cross Pointe Sugarloaf
Cross Pointe Mill Creek
Cross Pointe Lanier
Child's Gender Male

Child's Allergies or Health Concerns

Which hour(s) do you plan to visit on Sunday?

9:00 a.m. hour (Sugarloaf campus only)
11:00 a.m. hour


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