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On March 26, 2017, Cross Pointe began a one-year campaign to fund our missions and ministry expansion entitled Be More. These commitments, over and above our budget, enable our missions outreach and capital projects, as well as our debt retirement. Like many other churches, this approach allows us to separate our day-to-day ministry expenses from our capital needs. The goal of this Be More campaign is $1.4 million, and we have commitments thus far of approximately $1 million.

Your Commitment Needed Today!
Through Be More, we can do more than ever before to reach our community for Jesus, disciple the next generation, plant and grow the church around the world, and continue to erase our existing debt. Your participation is needed! If you have not already committed, prayerfully make a commitment to help us reach our $1.4 million goal. You can make your commitment online today.

Commit Online
If you have not already done so, you can make your commitment to Be More online right now, through our private and encrypted online form. Make a commitment...

Missions, Capital Needs and More
Pastor Merritt will lead out in this challenge. Our Be More campaign directly enables us to expand and fulfill our church’s mission. Our prayer is to raise an additional $1.4 million dollars in 12 months to do more to point people to Jesus, and inspire them to live the cross shaped life. Through your generous giving, together we will Be More for Christ to our community and our world than ever before.

Be More directly funds the capital needs of our church, beyond our operating budget. This includes our mission partnerships, NextGen Ministry and campus ministry expansion, and our debt retirement.

Pay It Forward
We're here enjoying all that Cross Pointe has to offer, and are a part of the impact our church has for the Kingdom, because of those who have gone before us. Our Mill Creek and Lanier campuses, Sugarloaf NextGen ministry expansion, a half-million miles on mission in 2016, and over $1.7 million of debt retired are all the result of those who committed and gave to our last campaign. Now we have the opportunity to pay it forward and create additional ministry and Gospel opportunities for the people we have yet to reach.

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