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Women's Bible study choices are offered for fall 2017. Studies meet at our Sugarloaf campus, or in local homes.


Monday Evenings
Class meets 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.


Focused Living
Meets October 9 through November 13
Women's Home Group in Duluth

Discover Your Calling. What might God be calling you to be and to do for His glory? Living a life that counts means living with clarity of your personal calling--It means living every day fully alive.  Focused Living has the power to ignite a new hope and greater courage in the lives of passionate Christians, by helping them to clarify their purpose, vision, and core values. A 5-week study.

Group Leaders: Pamela Bosworth, Debbie McGrath
Required: Workbook $15 (purchase at first meeting).
Childcare is not available for this group. Limited to 15 participants.

Wednesday Mornings
Classes meets 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon


Moms On the Move
Begins September 6, Ongoing
Meeting in Room G405 (Sugarloaf Campus)

Amazing Collection 1: Genesis - Deuteronomy
The Amazing Collection Study will help women learn the entire Bible as a "whole" from Genesis to Revelation in a way that is compelling, exciting and thought provoking. Each study goes directly to the Word, allowing women to see for themselves the big picture of each book and how it relates to their lives. The Amazing Collection Study exists for the sole purpose of drawing women into a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ through His Word, the entire Bible.

Required: Book $10 (purchase at first meeting or at The Resource Center)
Childcare available by registration.


We Have Saved You a Seat
Meets September 6 - October 11
Meeting in Room G403 (Sugarloaf Campus)

Pull up a chair and join Lisa-Jo and the (in)courage friends as they unpack what it takes to be a friend in this 6-session, We Saved You A Seat Bible study book.  In today's busy world, we're wired to be "fine," warding off authenticity for pleasantries; 
shielding ourselves from misunderstanding or judgment; 
hiding in the shadows of our busyness to escape intimate friendship with the women God places in our lives.  
Learn what Jesus meant when He invited us to love others, and see what it takes to do "the hard work of getting along."  
So take a seat at the table and let's get started!

Group Leader: Rhonda Hardy
Required: Book (available at The Resource Center)
Childcare available by registration.

Wednesday Evenings
Classes meet 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.


Women of the Word
Meeting in Room G403 (Sugarloaf Campus)

An in-depth time together in God's Word.

Group Leader: Sylvia Schell
Required: Bring your Bible and a journal/notebook
Childcare available by registration.


Women's Home Group
Women's Home Group

Currently we are studying the book of Hebrews.

Group Leader: Deena Serafin
Required: Bring your Bible and a journal/notebook
Childcare is not available for this group.

Thursday Evenings
Classes meet 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.


Keep It Shut
Meets September 7 - October 12
Meeting in Room G403 (Sugarloaf Campus)

Got words? Oh yeah, you do! The average women speak over 20,000 words a day--not to mention the ones she types online. Using biblical examples, as well as personal (and sometimes painful!) stories, Keep It Shut will equip you to know what to say, how best to say it, and when you’d better just keep your lips zipped! This study will teach you:

  • The difference between gossip and properly processing with a trusted friend
  • A helpful grid for using our digital tongues as we talk online or on social media
  • How to pause before you pounce, attacking the problem but not the person
  • How to avoid saying something permanently painful just because you are temporarily ticked off
  • What the Bible teaches about making our speech laced with grace, as sweet as honey, and yet seasoned with salt

Group Leader: Linda Looney
Required: Book (available at The Resource Center)
Childcare available by registration.

Gerry Sisk, Director of Spiritual Formation (Email)
Mike Daniels, Executive Pastor (Email)
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