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The Bible is often considered a challenging book to study. Its original languages, the culture in which and time periods during which it was written, and the length of it make the Bible a book that contains literally a lifetime of learning. There are many online and printed materials and study aids that will help you learn and understand the Bible. Here are some of our recommended resources:

Commentaries are books by Bible educators that explain various books and verses. Commentaries make light of the circumstances of a Bible book, the language used, and how it can be interpreted.

Online Bible Commentaries Selection

Additional Text Commentaries at Blueletterbible.com

Bible dictionaries define various terms and words used in the Bible that are not often found in general use outside of Scripture.

Online Bible Dictionaries Selection

The Bible was originally written in Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament). Lexicons present the Bible in its original language, allowing you to look up each Hebrew or Greek word to gain understanding of a verse's complete meaning.

Online Bible Lexicons Selection

Bible Maps
The Bible's events take place in real places in the world. Bible maps help you understand the geography of the time period, which governments were ruling at the time and how people traveled and lived in various areas represented in Scripture.


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