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Sharing Your Story
Truth to Teach. One of the best ways we can tell others about God’s love for them is by sharing our own personal story of what Jesus has done in our lives. When we share our story, we share about our life before Christ, how we came to faith in Christ, and our life since we placed our faith in Christ. Every Christian has a story they can share.

Scriptures. Acts 26:9-23 (see how Paul shared about his life before Christ, 9-12; how Paul came to faith in Christ, 13-15; and how Jesus made Paul's life meaningful, 16-23).

Application. Encourage them to find three/five people this week to share their story with.

Activities. Share your testimony with them. Then help them write out their testimony. Then look for an opportunity to model sharing your testimony with someone else while you are with them.

The Disciples' 25

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