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Studying the Word of God
Truth to Teach. We need to study God's Word in order to understand it. The Holy Spirit will help us to know God and understand His Word as we study the Bible each day.

Scriptures. 2 Timothy 2:15

Application. Encourage them to have a time of Bible study each day in their quiet time.

Activities. Choose a passage of Scripture and study it with them. After reading the passage, encourage them to ask four main questions:

  • What does this passage say?
  • What does this passage mean?
    1. Look at the purpose of the human author…
    2. Look at the purpose of the Spirit…
  • Is this passage telling me to do anything?
    1. To praise God for something?
    2. To pray a prayer?
    3. To claim a promise?
    4. To obey a commandment?
    5. To avoid a sin?
    6. To follow an example?
  • What will you do as a result of studying the passage?

The Disciples' 25

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