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What Is Think 5?
One of the ways we can live out and share our faith in Jesus with others is by serving our neighbors. "Think 5" is a way to keep our neighbors in mind as we live each day. Think about the five people who live around you--your neighbors to the left and right, and the three immediate across the street. These are people within easy reach for you to get to know, pray for, serve as needed, and share your faith with as God opens doors.

Think 5 Opportunities
Looking for some ideas on how to "Think 5" about your neighors? Here are some practical ways you can serve those who live close to you:

  • Invite neighbors for dinner / coffee
  • Rake neighbor’s leaves.
  • Offer to drive neighbor’s kids to school or to carpool.
  • Bake cookies, just because.
  • Offer to water plants and take the mail when neighbors are traveling.
  • Offer to babysit for an afternoon.
  • Help with a home repair project.
  • Offer to go to the store if a neighbor is sick or shut-in.
  • Bring a cold drink if you see your neighbor working on a hot day.
  • Pray for your neighbors.
  • Help out if a neighbor has car trouble.
  • Wave and stop to say “hi” when you see your neighbors.
  • Host a block party.
  • Offer to lead a neighborhood watch group.
  • Invite neighbors to a volunteer project with you, like CarePointe.
  • Learn all of your neighbors’ names and family backgrounds.
  • Call just to see how they are doing
  • Carry neighbor’s trash can back to their house.
  • Schedule a playdate with neighbor’s kids of the same age.
  • Write a complimentary note to your neighbor.
  • Host an open house for all of your neighbors.
  • Welcome new neighbors with a gift card or a packet of local and helpful information.
  • Don’t shy away from pain. If a neighbor is going through divorce, an illness, a loss, visit them and pray for them, and volunteer to help in any way you can.
  • Do a free driveway car wash for your neighbors.
  • Offer to wash your neighbor’s dogs (use vet-recommended soap).
  • Send neighbors cards for Christmas, Valentines, July 4, etc.
  • Get fresh fruit from a farmer’s market and deliver baskets to your neighbors.
  • If you have a four-wheel drive, get out during inclement weather to check on your neighbors and get help and supplies where needed.
  • In season, give a potted plant or bulbs to your neighbors.
  • On a cold day, grab a thermos and some cups and go door to door giving coffee to your neighbors.
  • Offer an umbrella escort to the parking lot for others on a rainy day.
  • Live near a college? Get permission to give away pizza or Pop Tarts or popcorn in the lobbies of dorms—any fast foods college students love to eat.
  • Set up a time to visit local firefighters / first responders and deliver cookies or brownies.
  • Arrange to visit a local nursing home and spend an afternoon talking to and playing games with residents.
  • Bring a heat-and-serve frozen dish to a family with a new baby, or just home from the hospital.
  • Put together an activity basket for a family with lots of kids, like games, puzzles, coloring books.
  • Stop by and offer to help when you see moving trucks in your
  • Begin a care package rotation for a neighborhood family with a special needs child or adult.
  • Start a Bible study in your home and invite your neighbors.
  • Plan a neighborhood Easter egg hunt.
  • Have a game night and invite a different neighbor each week.
  • Start a Facebook group for your neighborhood. Post good news and encouragement.
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