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The Seven Day Sermon
I heard, and I forgot.
I saw, and I remembered.
I did, and I understood.

One of the best ways to learn Scripture is to teach it to someone else. As you organize your thoughts and begin to apply what you know, sharing this information with others will bring it alive in your own life.

When a sermon is being taught, who learns the most? Not the congregation--it's the Pastor. As he studies and applies the Bible in a way that he can teach it to others, it becomes a part of his own life in the process. So, if you want to become a serious learner, the message is clear--become a teacher.

This week. Here's a challenge--use this guide with your weekly message notes to become a teacher in seven days. Now don't get caught up in that "only some are called to teach" mumbo-jumbo. While it's true that some folks really are gifted teachers, everybody has the ability to learn and to share with others what you are learning.

Over the next seven days, use the suggestions in this guide to review the message, apply it to your own life, organize your thoughts, and pass it along to someone else.

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