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All or part? Does reteaching weekly messages or classes need to consume your entire devotional or quiet time? Not necessarily. Studying to re-teach each week is a great foundation for a quiet time, but perhaps you'd rather use another resource and let this be just a part of your daily time with God. It's your choice.

All the answers? When you talk about what you've been learning with others, it'll quickly become clear that you don’t have all the answers. Guess what? Nobody does.

Based on Scripture, it's easy to see that God set it up this way, so that He gets the credit. That's why "His strength is perfected in our weakness" (2 Corinthians 12:9). Always know as you are teaching that you are also learning. It’s okay to say, "I don’t know. I'm learning with you, too."

More messages. Remember that Cross Pointe messages are always available online at www.crosspointechurch.org/media. These MP3 downloads allow you to retrieve audio messages for your computer or iPod, and using software like iTunes you can burn your own CDs to give to friends or listen to in the car. These messages are available free online, and on CD at the church Resource Center for a small charge.

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