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In today’s culture there are seemingly many ways to find God, or get to heaven. You can choose what’s “right” for you, and others can choose what’s “right” for them. But the Bible says that Jesus Christ is the only way, and that nobody can know God apart from Him (John 14:6). Why Jesus? This Easter we invite you to learn about the only Person who lived a perfect life, died a sacrificial death, and rose from the dead to live again.

The Jesus who did these things is the only One you can know and rely on to help you live life today and be confident that you will spend eternity in heaven. Join Pastor James Merritt as we open the Bible to discover The One, the only, Jesus.

  • April 7: Just Perfect (Hebrews 4:15)
  • April 14: Trading Places (1 Peter 3:18)
  • April 20-21: Back From the Dead (Acts 13:30-34)