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1800 Satellite Boulevard
Duluth, GA 30097

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No Hard Feelings Teaching Series

No Hard Feelings Teaching Series

Every Sunday from 02/07/2021 to 03/28/2021

Location: Cross Pointe Church, 1800 Satellite Boulevard, Duluth, GA US 30097


How are you feeling today?  According to a recent new survey, you might honestly answer “Not too well.”  Gallup’s annual Global Emotion’s Report has found that Americans are more stressed, worried and angry than they have been in a decade. Emotions in America are running from sky-high, to barrel low, and feelings affect all of us. If you were honest, it would be interesting to see how many of you would say things like “angry, lonely, bitter, depressed, fearful and worried.”  

It is amazing how much God’s word has to say about our feelings and how we can control our feelings rather than have our feelings control us. When your feelings are controlling you and they rachet up to earthquake level, it is almost impossible not to let other people know it. Learning how to handle our emotions is crucial, not just our emotional health, but our physical health. Fortunately, God's Word has a lot to say about knowing and mastering our emotions.

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