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A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. Proverbs 14:30

Envy can damage the life of a Christian. A feeling of displeasure about someone else’s good fortune can also harm our witness, since it often causes people to act out of hostility and bitterness. The jealous person suffers far more than his or her target.

Before we can rid ourselves of jealousy, we must be willing to confess we have them in our heart. Like greed, jealousy is an emotion we don’t like to admit we feel, but God already knows. We also must realize that harboring envy is the same as objecting to God’s blessing upon someone else’s life. Regardless of how we try to rationalize jealousy, we are in conflict with the Lord—a person cannot be simultaneously jealous and right with God.

The surest way to strip away resentment is through prayer. After we’ve confessed to the Lord that we have jealous feelings, we should begin to pray for the other person. Our prayer should contain two elements: first, an offering of thanksgiving for the blessings in his or her life, and second, a request that God will place love for the individual in our heart. Initially, praying in this way will no doubt be difficult, but as love grows—and it will—the words come more easily and joyfully.

Envy is not right for followers of Christ since it distracts us from what God wants from us. We have the promise that if we delight in our heavenly Father, He will give us the desires of our heart. So we should refocus our attention on Him and what He is doing in our own life.


One of the best ways to overcome jealousy is to pray for the needs of others. As we focus our minds and hearts on asking God to meet others' needs, and we participate in that, we begin to put others before ourselves. Getting rid of selfish feelings and actions is how we rid our lives of jealousy. Take a next step by signing up for our Prayer Team below.

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