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Journeys are spiritual studies you can take on your own, or with a group. Each journey is different, and focused on Scripture. Through journeys you will learn how to read, understand and act on God's Word, the Bible. Journeys are available as free downloads. Some journeys also feature video and online links for additional content. 



A proverb is a short saying that usually draws a comparison between two forms of behavior in order to impart religious wisdom to the reader. Biblical proverbs focus on concrete human experiences rather than divine revelation. This powerful 31-day journey through the writings of Solomon will give you a dose of practical and useful wisdom for daily life. More info and Journey download...


Here’s a challenge that will help you learn God’s Word and apply it daily through life. Don’t let Sunday messages be a collection of “fill in the blanks” that exist merely for your own personal growth. Instead, as you study God’s Word, use what you are learning to teach others. Don’t just listen to a Sunday message for yourself—listen intently so that, in turn, you can reteach it to someone else. The Reteaching Guide will show you how, in just 7 days! More info and Journey download...

Follow Me

Follow Me is a six-lesson study on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, and more importantly, a disciple-maker. Jesus’ method of teaching was by Word and example, and is designed to be learned and reproduced. If you are following Jesus for yourself, without intent to pass on what you are learning, then you’re doing it wrong! In this series of lessons, you’ll dive in to Scripture to see how Jesus made disciples who made disciples. His teaching is still the foundation of how we know Jesus and grow to be more like Him today. More info and Journey download...

the fruit of the spirit

This nine-lesson Journey explores the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23. Learn how you can exhibit these qualities of Christ in your daily life. This is a great Journey you can embark on personally, or with a small group. More info and Journey download...

the disciples' 25

What do you tell someone who has recently come to faith in Christ? What do you teach them about Jesus, the Bible, and elements of the Christian walk? The Disciples' 25 is a quick-start guide that will help you and your new disciple begin growing in the knowledge of God and putting Scripture into practice. This Journey can be done on your own or with a mentor, and features 25 facets of the Christian life, with Bible verses to study and discuss and suggested actions to take as a result of the teaching. More info and Journey download...

Fasting and the Daniel Fast

Experience this 21-Day Journey as you learn about the biblical practice of fasting from the Old Testament prophet, Daniel. As you fast and pray, you will be replacing food with acts of obedience. Fasting was practiced 4,000 years ago, and it is still practiced today. Our Daniel Fast recommendation is a partial-fast--just fruits and vegetables for three weeks, following the example of Daniel 10. More info and Journey download...