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Red Sea Moments

The story of Moses is not just what God did for him; it is what God wants to do for you. It is not just about what God did in him, but what he wants to do in you. It is not just about what God did through him; it is what God wants to do through you. The story of Moses is not just “a” story and it is not just “his” story. God wants it to be your story too.

No Hard Feelings

It is amazing how much God’s word has to say about our feelings and how we can control our feelings rather than have our feelings control us. When your feelings are controlling you and they rachet up to earthquake level, it is almost impossible not to let other people know it. Learning how to handle our emotions is crucial, not just our emotional health, but our physical health. Fortunately, God's Word has a lot to say about knowing and mastering our emotions.

All Things New

A new year is a new opportunity to grow and share your faith. Join Pastor Merritt has he walks through four practical ways to live your faith anew as you worship, disciple, serve and send.

Holy Christmas

See, we all know what to do at Christmas, because for the most part whether you believe in the story or not, whether you are a follower of Jesus or not, whether you go to church or not, we pretty much do all the same thing at Christmas. I am convinced though we have it down pat on what we do at Christmas, most of us don’t really do what we should do with Christmas.


Trust God

If you really trust God, you don’t necessarily have to tell people with your lips; you will show them with your life. I am going to talk to all of us about trusting God. Why we ought to trust God completely and continuously.  We can all trust God equally and when we do, God will do exactly the exact same thing for all of us.  When we trust God it gives Him pleasure and He gives us treasure.

Seeing Red

We are going to learn from Jesus--anger is appropriate when it is expressed at the right time, in the right place, for the right reason. When we look at all the times that Jesus got angry you are going to discover the major reason why he got angry and we should be angry and who his anger was directed toward.

From There to Here

From churches full of hypocrites to the belief that God isn't really good... join us as we discover what the Bible really has to say in reply to those who shun the church. Learn practical ways you can talk to others with practical spiritual answers to their objections. You'll see they really can get from there to here!

Pitch Perfect

God knew about the benefits of music to help us deal with stress, to be healthier, happier and even holier which may explain why the largest and longest book in the Bible is a book of songs.  They are called psalms and we have been and are going through the deepest, darkest, national stress of our lifetimes. Of the 150 psalms in this collection, the 23rd Psalm is the most popular and best known. It is only 118 words in English, but it is probably the most familiar 118 words in the hundreds of thousands of words that are found in the Bible.