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Christmas Unwrapped

Christmas is a time where we exchange gifts with family and friends. As we unwrap each present, we are often surprised, excited, or humbled by the tangible expressions of love and caring from those around us. This Christmas, we invite you to receive and unwrap the greatest gift you'll ever know. God's gift to us at Christmas, His Son, is the most profound expression of love from the Creator to His Creation. Join Pastor Merritt as we experience Christmas Unwrapped, a journey through the Bible to discover the meaning of God's incredible gift.


Shepherd, poet, warrior, king. In the Old Testament there are few names that resonate as loudly as David. Called "a man after God's own heart", he became the leader of Israel, and a part of the earthly lineage of Jesus Christ. Yet he also committed great sin. In the life story of David we can learn about about the character of God as He relates to one of His most prominent characters in all the Bible. 

Just the Three of Us

A successful marriage is not between two people, but three. Christ is the center of a healthy marriage, and as husband and wife grow closer to Jesus, they also grow closer to each other. Join Pastor Merritt for this teaching series on the foundations of successful biblical marriage. In an age where so many marriages are ending, journey with us through the Bible to find healthy new beginnings for marriages that will stand the test of time.


You know the central moment of the story: a man swallowed by a fish, and lives to tell the tale. But you may not know the rest of the story: a mission from God, running in disobedience, an extraordinary event that leads to obedience... or does it? Join us this July as we learn from the story of Jonah.

Music to My Ears

The Psalms are the songs of the Bible. Their poetic lyrics help us understand more about Who God is, and how we can relate to Him. Join us this summer as Pastor Merritt unpacks four Psalms and shares how we can have a closer, more meaningful relationship with God through His Word. "Music to My Ears" is our June 2018 teaching series at all Cross Pointe campuses.

Right Turn

It only takes one wrong decision to be off track in life. But a right turn at the right time can change everything. Join us for this three-part teaching series that will unpack what the Bible says about making the right turn in life, in death, and in life after death. These sermons will help you navigate the most important decisions in life, to keep you on the right track for this year, and beyond.

The X Factor

What will make the difference for those who live on our street, or go to our school, or shop at the same stores, or work in our offices, but who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior? What will be the factor that will enable someone to boldly step out and shares Christ? With 90% of the people living around our church living far from God, who will be the one that will make the difference?

Pastor Merritt invites you to join him as we explore The X Factor. The Bible tells us that the early church multiplied as ordinary people met Jesus, and shared their stories with their family, their friends, and beyond. Cross Pointe is a church that believes in developing Christ-followers who pray for and pursue the lost. And we want to reproduce ourselves in others so that they can reach even more people for Jesus. Do you have The X Factor?