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Car Pool

Series: Refuel

Jan 21, 2018

Jesus knew His work would be exhausting. He would minister to people like no one else had ever done. He would expend an enormous amount of spiritual energy that no other person even possessed. He knew He would have to be literally refueled, because you never get a break from being the Son of God. One of the ways He would recharge His batteries and refuel His spiritual energy was being in a small group of disciples.

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Christmas has come and gone and left you... well, it left you. And now you're drained. Running on empty. Is there a way to refuel for the new year? Some way to get your spiritual energy back to take on all that God has for you in the coming months? Join Pastor Merritt for this practical series that shares four powerful ways you can find spiritual energy for the new year. Fuel up with us, and be ready for an amazing year in Christ!

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