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Cutting In

Series: Seeing Red

Nov 01, 2020

On God’s day, Jesus was in God’s house, to hear God’s Word. God’s day is to the be a time of restoration. God’s house is to be a place of rejuvenation. God’s Word is to be a message of regeneration. This is also where a man with the withered hand was looking for help and hope and healing. However, that is not why the Pharisees were there.

Series Information

We are going to learn from Jesus--anger is appropriate when it is expressed at the right time, in the right place, for the right reason. When we look at all the times that Jesus got angry you are going to discover the major reason why he got angry and we should be angry and who his anger was directed toward.

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Cutting In

On God’s day, Jesus was in God’s house, to hear God’s Word. God’s day...

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