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Family Matters

Series: The Bucket List

Mar 05, 2017

You have been mistreated by a family member. You have been ostracized, disowned, and left out. it may be that you have tried to love some family and you have been rebuffed. Take a great lesson from what Jesus just did on the cross. Take every opportunity to love those who are dearest to you.

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Everyone has a list of things you want to do in life. Big things. Risky things. Things you want to do before you die. Before you "kick the bucket". There's a phrase we use to describe these things--a "bucket list". Maybe you've never written it down, but you've thought about it, and you probably have a few items on it.

There's an ultimate bucket list. One made for us by the One Person who had the most famous death in all of history... Jesus Christ. While Jesus hung on the cross He said seven things. Seven simple yet profound statements that give us a powerful spiritual bucket list to follow. Seven things to do before we die. Seven things to get right. And if we do them now, they'll not only get us ready to meet Jesus in heaven one day, they will positively impact how we live today and for the rest of our lives.

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Family Matters

You have been mistreated by a family member. You have been ostracized...

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