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God Bless Us Everyone

Series: Music to My Ears

Jun 17, 2018

Who would not want the blessing of God on their life, family, community, city, nation, or even the entire world? People who are religious and non-religious, who are spiritual and secular, can't help themselves but talk about either getting a blessing or blessing someone else. People from all walks of life feel a desire to ask God to bless even the food that they eat. The wonderful thing is that blessings are for everybody who wants them and who will seek them.

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The Psalms are the songs of the Bible. Their poetic lyrics help us understand more about Who God is, and how we can relate to Him. Join us this summer as Pastor Merritt unpacks four Psalms and shares how we can have a closer, more meaningful relationship with God through His Word. "Music to My Ears" is our June 2018 teaching series at all Cross Pointe campuses.

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