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Leave a Legacy

Series: David

Nov 18, 2018

In I Chronicles 28 and 29, we find both the record of the end of David’s life and his last recorded words. David has spent forty-years of his life serving the nation that he loved – Israel. That young shepherd boy that killed that giant, Goliath, is now an old man about to prepare for his last journey. He, too, has planned out the legacy he wants to leave, but it is not the one he hoped for.

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Shepherd, poet, warrior, king. In the Old Testament there are few names that resonate as loudly as David. Called "a man after God's own heart", he became the leader of Israel, and a part of the earthly lineage of Jesus Christ. Yet he also committed great sin. In the life story of David we can learn about about the character of God as He relates to one of His most prominent characters in all the Bible. 

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Leave a Legacy

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