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That's The Truth

Series: Balanced

Oct 01, 2017

Jesus said there is such a thing as truth and not just “a” truth, but “the” truth. There is truth with a little “t” and then there is truth with a big “T.” There is earthly truth that is true, but not life changing, but there is eternal truth that is powerful and can take a person from darkness to light and from death to life.

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Jesus was perfectly balanced. He was full of grace and truth.  Now when you are full of Jesus you will be full of grace and truth. When a church is full of Jesus, it will be full of grace and truth. For Jesus, it just came naturally.  He didn’t lean one way or the other. He was perfectly balanced. 

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That's The Truth

Jesus said there is such a thing as truth and not just “a” truth, but...

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