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The Right Approach

Series: Right on the Money

Nov 06, 2016

The greatest test of the spiritual, emotional, and mental condition of your heart is money. That may sound materialistic, but consider that Jesus—the One who cared more about hearts than any other human in history—talked about money more than any other subject. Money is important to us and that is okay, because money is important to God, but for a different reason.

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There’s an old saying when something is done with excellence, managed well, with good result. We’ll say it’s right on the money. The fact is, when it comes to money, very few of us are right on the money. God’s Word says more about managing finances than just about any other topic. When we get real with our dollars and cents, and begin to live right on the money, we will understand how to be a blessing to others even as God pours out His blessings to us, for His glory.

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