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The Walk of a Lifetime

Series: Colossians

Feb 23, 2020

You can believe in Jesus, but never receive Jesus. There is a difference between believing that Jesus is Lord and Jesus as Lord. There is a difference between believing in Jesus in your head, but placing your faith in Jesus with your heart. We can believe something to be true without it making much difference to us, but we place our faith only in something that is vital for the way we live.

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There is only one human being who has ever lived that is a part of the life of every human being that will ever live. He affects our life every single day and we don’t even realize it. He is Jesus. His impact was greater a hundred years after he died than it was when he was alive.  It was even greater five hundred years later. One-thousand years later, his teachings, life and influence formed the foundation for what is called today “Europe.” After two-thousand years, he has more followers in more places around the world than ever before. 

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