Cross Pointe Church


1800 Satellite Boulevard
Duluth, GA 30097

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Sunday 9:15 AM

Sunday 11:00 AM




Sermons Sorted in: December

Jun 07, 2020

Rest Easy

No matter where you are. No matter what you are going through, that...

Jan 26, 2020

Stress Out

Are your pressures great? The Lord is greater than your pressures. Are...

Jan 05, 2020


We only get to take the ride of life once. Shouldn’t it be a joyride?...

Nov 10, 2019

Church Wanted

I want to share with you today the three things that are true about...

Dec 02, 2012

Joy Giver

I don’t care how busy you are or how busy you think you are – you are...

Jan 16, 2011

In Joy

How do you become joyful and how do you stay joyful? How do you have...