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1800 Satellite Boulevard
Duluth, GA 30097

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Sunday 9:15 AM

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Sermons Sorted in: December

Mar 07, 2021

Calm the Nerves

Anxiety is the most common mental disorder in the United States...

Feb 14, 2021

Thank You Very Much

Being thankful is so important to God that he actually commands us to...

Sep 13, 2020

Aim High

Your life and how you live it and how significant it will be will be...

Nov 10, 2019

Church Wanted

I want to share with you today the three things that are true about...

Nov 03, 2019

The Art of War

Every problem that you have outside of you is really a problem either...

Oct 27, 2019

Work Ethic

It is very interesting to note that Paul is describing how every...

Oct 20, 2019

Power Surge

Just five short words, “Be filled with the Spirit,” but they are filled...

Oct 13, 2019

The Time Is Now

Our life is made up of time. When time is up, life is over. That is why...

Oct 06, 2019

Debt Free

Paul comes right out of the gate without mincing words, cutting...

Aug 25, 2019

The Defining Moment

The first step in truly accepting the gospel of salvation is not only...