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As Pastor Merritt taught on Sunday, June 14, the Bible is a tool to help you stay on the right path. It gives you wisdom, guides your walk and guards your ways. Provide your email address below, and this coming week, Pastor Merritt will email you a list of ten key Scriptures you can live out daily, that will help you stay on a God-driven path in life. 


The Bible is a book that is different from every other book in the world. When we study it and begin to understand it and live by its teachings, we are becoming obedient to God and fulfilling His purpose for us in our lives on earth. Here are five ways you can begin to make God's Word, the Bible, central to your life each and every day.

Read the Bible with Us

Cross Pointe is reading the Bible through using the One Year Bible Reading Plan in 2020. This daily reading plan includes the Old and New Testaments, with regular readings from Psalms and Proverbs. Click below to download a PDF copy of our 2020 Bible reading plan.

Download Bible Reading Plan (PDF)

What version of the Bible do you recommend?

We recommend a good study version of the Bible for your reading... one that is modern enough to be readable, but at the same time an accurate translation that will give you a true view of Scripture. Avoid paraphrased versions like "The Message" for your daily reading--it's a useful tool but not appropriate for daily study. Instead we recommend both the New International Version (NIV) and the English Standard Version (ESV). If you want a more literal translation (even more accurate, but not quite as readable), try the New American Standard Bible (NASB).

What Do We Believe About the Bible?

As Christ-followers, we share specific beliefs about the Bible's teachings, authenticity and authority. More info...