Comfort & Joy

In the beloved Christmas carol titled “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” the refrain speaks of “tidings of comfort and joy.” In this short series, Pastor Merritt explores 1 John 1 and looks to the theology of Christmas by highlighting two benefits that Jesus brought to earth: comfort & joy.

Get Used to Different

Of all the sermons ever preached, one reigns supreme: The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. In that sermon, Jesus gives practical advice for how a Christian should live. In this extensive sermon series, Pastor Merritt will spend several months walking verse-by-verse through this life-changing sermon. Following Jesus is different from the way of the world, and those who follow Jesus will look different than the rest of the world. Join us for this series: “Get Used to Different: A New Way to Live."

Generational Discipleship

Our God is a generational God, and His command for us to make disciples spans every generation. Throughout this series, we will discuss what it looks like for a devoted Christian to teach God's Word, model Christ-like character, steward their time and resources, and commit to discipling all generations!

From Here to Eternity

We all know that the Bible teaches that everyone will die. But what does it teach about life after death? What about Heaven and Hell? In this series, Pastor Merritt explores what God's Word teaches about what happens from the moment time stops for us on earth to the moment of Jesus' return. 

I Doubt It

Have you ever struggled with doubt? Have you ever felt discouraged or ashamed because of those doubts? Oftentimes the church seems to discourage people from doubting. However, the Bible does not discourage doubt. In fact, faith presupposes doubt. Some of the strongest believers in the Bible had doubts. In this series, Pastor Merritt deals with some of the top doubts that both Christians and non-Christians have and explores the place of doubt in the life of faith. 


Facing the Truth

Let’s be honest - facing the truth is neither easy nor popular. However, if we ignore God’s truth, we will ultimately live in slavery to lies & errors. Jesus says in John 8, “If you know the truth, the truth will set you free.” In this four-week series, Pastor Merritt will be preaching on culture’s most controversial topics: premarital sex, gay marriage, abortion, & the transgender issue. We will be learning how to face the truth with compassion & conviction. 

Unsung Hero

While they are often overlooked, we all have some of them in our lives: unsung heroes. They receive no medals, no acclaim, and their name never appears in the headlines. However, when it comes to unsung heroes, we will be wise not to mistake a lack of prominence for a lack of significance. In this 3-week series, Pastor Merritt will be teaching on Joseph, the father of Jesus, and what it looks like to walk with God behind the scenes. 

This Is Your Captain Speaking

"Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention - this is your captain speaking." We've all heard it. The captain of an airplane is the pilot with the most experience, the highest authority, and all the answers. He is responsible for the flight, the crew, the passengers, and the cargo. When his voice comes over the intercom, we listen. In this series, Pastor Merritt will be examining letters from our ultimate Captain, Jesus - the One with all authority. The teaching will come from Jesus' seven letters in the book of Revelation as we explore how these ancient letters apply to our lives today.

Lost in Translation

Have you ever needed to use Google Translate? You're trying desperately to communicate with someone, but they simply don't speak your language. The same is sometimes true with God's Word in our lives. We read and hear the words, but we don't quite know what they mean. Take "sanctification" for example; we know it's an important Bible word, but many Christians would struggle to give a definition for it. Rather than just being empty words on the pages of theology books, though, these words are destiny-determining words that shape the entirety of our lives. In this series, Pastor Merritt will be unpacking the essential words connected to having a relationship with God and explaining how they apply to your daily Christian life.

Joseph: A Journey of Faithfulness

Besides the Lord Jesus, perhaps no one in Scripture embodies the trait of faithfulness better than Joseph. In this series, we will dive into the life of Joseph and how the Lord was with him every twist, turn, and step of the way.

Family Ties

In a culture that belittles the institution of family, it is vital for Christians to understand God's initial blueprints for a God-honoring family. In this series, Pastor Merritt explores each aspect of God's design for the traditional family.

Prison Prayers

Do you ever feel like your prayers just don't connect? Do you ever doubt that God is hearing your prayers? Do you want to know how to pray a prayer that you know God hears and will answer? In this series, Pastor Merritt highlights Paul's prison prayers which serve as models for our prayer lives.