Current Series

Get Used to Different

Of all the sermons ever preached, one reigns supreme: The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7. In that sermon, Jesus gives practical advice for how a Christian should live. In this extensive sermon series, Pastor Merritt will spend several months walking verse-by-verse through this life-changing sermon. Following Jesus is different from the way of the world, and those who follow Jesus will look different than the rest of the world. Join us for this series: “Get Used to Different: A New Way to Live."

Seeing Red

We are going to learn from Jesus--anger is appropriate when it is expressed at the right time, in the right place, for the right reason. When we look at all the times that Jesus got angry you are going to discover the major reason why he got angry and we should be angry and who his anger was directed toward.

From There to Here

From churches full of hypocrites to the belief that God isn't really good... join us as we discover what the Bible really has to say in reply to those who shun the church. Learn practical ways you can talk to others with practical spiritual answers to their objections. You'll see they really can get from there to here!

Pitch Perfect

God knew about the benefits of music to help us deal with stress, to be healthier, happier and even holier which may explain why the largest and longest book in the Bible is a book of songs.  They are called psalms and we have been and are going through the deepest, darkest, national stress of our lifetimes. Of the 150 psalms in this collection, the 23rd Psalm is the most popular and best known. It is only 118 words in English, but it is probably the most familiar 118 words in the hundreds of thousands of words that are found in the Bible.  

Testing Positive

We have a strong belief that what God wants to do in these days is not to weaken marriages, but to strengthen them.  Not to weaken the bonds between parents and children, but to make stronger bridges.  We both would tell all of you, “Don’t waste this time.”  See this as a God-given opportunity to get closer to your spouse, closer to your children and do all that you can to bring your family closer to God.

More to the Story

At just over 15 years old, Cross Pointe is still a young church. In that short time, we have made a big impact in our community by reaching those far from God, helping those in need, raising up the next generation of Christ followers, and sharing the Gospel near and far. But there is so much more to our story.

Join us as we celebrate how far God as brought us, and commit to the future He has in store. When it comes to Cross Pointe we are just getting started—there is so much more to the story that has yet to unfold!


There is only one human being who has ever lived that is a part of the life of every human being that will ever live. He affects our life every single day and we don’t even realize it. He is Jesus. His impact was greater a hundred years after he died than it was when he was alive.  It was even greater five hundred years later. One-thousand years later, his teachings, life and influence formed the foundation for what is called today “Europe.” After two-thousand years, he has more followers in more places around the world than ever before. 


It may sound contradictory, but we really do believe in a God who is unbelievable and in this magnificent book, Paul tells us that what God has done for his people is unbelievable and what God wants to do through his people is unbelievable. God has taken the lowliest of the low and raised them to the highest of the heights.  Just as in the beginning, God created something out of nothing.  God in his magnificent grace claimed that which was lost, raised that which was dead, redeemed that which was enslaved, restore that which was broken and reconciled that which was separated.

Impact Moments

The apostle Paul was a colossal figure in Christianity who was a converted terrorist who unquestionably made the most profound and indelible mark in the Christian faith outside of Jesus Himself. Paul experienced impact moments that changed his direction and transformed him from murderer to martyr. How do we respond to our moments that make us?